Hi, I am Kate 🙋‍♀️

A tech enthusiast who loves building digital products.

I built my first website in 2003. It was a simple page displaying my photos and poems using a template. Later I taught myself some Photoshop and made custom design and backgrounds using custom HTML and CSS. Since then, I’ve built a couple of my own digital products and helped venture-backed startups to launch and grow theirs. Among them are companies backed by 500 Startups, Seedcamp and featured on Product Hunt.

Lately I’ve been training myself in responsive design (HTML, CSS) and Javascript.

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What I've learnt


Learnt the basics of responsive Web Design and JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures. Got from almost 0 programming knowledge to a working understanding of the main concepts.

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I deepened my knowledge of methods of various objects and focused on writing practical code to solve different challenges. I’ve enjoyed refactoring my solutions later with a more elegant and efficient code.

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I've created this one-page website in HTML and CSS and hosted it on GitHub Pages. I made custom design for it in Adobe XD and used a mobile-first responsive layout. An image carousel is built using Vanilla JS.

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About me

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product maker from London

Hi, my name is Kate Klink. I've had a somewhat unconventional path to finding my career in the tech sector, having previously worked in investment funds as an associate and analyst. When I started working with online projects through a VC fund, I quickly got hooked and decided to switch to a career in tech.

In my spare time I create and experiment with bootstrapped online side projects.

My other interests include sustainability, minimalism, DIY and yoga.

Selected Projects